It is our mission to honor and stand with those in need.


We should always honor those who sacrificed for us!

Our Vision

It is our vision that one day everyone that needs a helping hand will be comfortable to ask for it without being afraid of the stigma that most people see with mental illness.

Our Story

Yes, we have a story, a reason why we are so passionate about what we do.

This organization started in the head of Simone Hawthorne, and she is happy that the rest of the team is just as passionate as she is. Every member of our board had a story and was in a place where they had to ask for help.

We are made up of Vietnam Veterans, Gulf Veterans, spouses and addiction survivors. We have lived through what you might be going through at this very moment. We want to help you and show you that you can come out at the other end, living a full life.

Our PTSD peer support group and our recreational program are the core of our organizational offerings to you, at no cost.

We want to include everybody in our PTSD support groups because we know that trauma can happen in many different scenarios. We also welcome our first responders and their families to our programs. It does not always have to be war. It is essential for us even to include the families because it takes everybody’s understanding to get better. 

 It is our mission to honor and stand with those in need!

You do not have to do it alone

Everything gets easier when you have friends to help you through rough times.

Our Mission

Our family fought through my husbands PTSD that he got from the Gulf war on our own until he finally went to the Martinsburg VAMC to seek help. It is our mission to be there for people that are not ready yet to make the big step to go into treatment, to help you along the way. 

We want to stay in contact with everyone who came to us through recreational activities so we can “keep an eye ” on each other. 

Transforming lives by building communities.