Our current programs

We are always working on partnerships to be able to offer new programs to help our community.

Forming Communities

We might start out in a support group together but I am sure will also meet again at one of our BBQ’s, fishing events or couples retreats.
“We keep an eye on each other”

PTSD support groups

We meet on Tuesdays every week from 4:30 to 6:30. We welcome everybody. PTSD affects the whole family and sometimes the way we communicate with each can be improved for a better understanding of what everybody is going through.

Educational programs

We will help you with resume writing or starting a business.
Are you transitioning from active duty? Sometimes your skills need to be translated for a new career; we are here to help you with that.
Thinking about starting your own business. Let us walk you through and guide you with ongoing support.

Recreational programs

Recreational programs are here to charge our battery and have a little fun.
We offer, free of cost to you, Fly-fishing, Fly-tying classes, hiking, cycling and more.

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You have earned your benefits.
Simone Hawthorne is accredited through VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) and VA.

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